Feedback and reviews of The Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Dearest Hettienne,

Last week I received a notice that a package was waiting for me at the post office, but I've been so busy that it was only yesterday that I had time to drive into town to pick it up.  It was the Goddess treasure box you so lovingly prepared! 

From the very first moments, even before opening the lovely bag with the cards themselves, I could feel the love and care embodied in every item, just like the golden threads that were part of the wrapping. And the cards!! Oh, Hettienne.  I have no words for the profound experience simply of looking at each one and feeling Her vibrations suffusing my heart, my womb, every atom of my being.  My little 3-year old granddaughter felt it as well. 

Since the moment I opened them, I have felt Her presence, within me and around me.  I cannot begin to express what this means to me, and how grateful I am to you for bringing Her into our lives in this beautiful and amazing way. 

With much love,



Mapping the Power of You


texlana on Dec 31, 2016
5 out of 5 stars
Holding the deck in your hands, you can tell that this deck was made with much artistry and careful attention to detail, as well as with a deep reverence for Mary. A very special deck from a talented artist.

The mysteries of Mary tarot deck is pure union between spirit and soul. The energy contained in the sacred images and their direct line to the wisdom that lies within gives new depth and textures to the "religion of my soul" and my personal inner path as it unfolds. The insights it contains makes living the mysteries of this life rich - the energy they radiate is palpable, giving a direct experience for strengthening and  cultivating faith and seeing beyond the veils to what is ...and it is pure devotion personified. Thank you for this work of art and the Mother's love xxx
Taryn Harris (Chandi Devi)

Amazing, beautiful and mind boggling accurate. The deck is exquisite. The wisdom and journey in the book is heaven sent for those who listen. Thank you Hettienne for creating this gift.

Hettienne, I love your Mary Tarot package!  It was like unwrapping a sacred gift and each and every card pure delight!  Thanks so much for this work.

Hi Hetienne,
My beautiful deck arrived today. I'll leave a rating once I can (Etsy says I can on the 21st).
I just wanted to let you know that your words and images move me to tears of a remembrance long forgotten. I'm very grateful that I "found" your images and stories of Our Lady. 
With profound love and respect

Dear Hettienne,
You breathtakingly beautiful & heartfelt deck set has at last arrived! I’m blown away by how much care & attention to detail you’ve put into this meaningful project. I’d like to help spread the word somehow after I’ve had a chance to Live with it for a bit & read from your book your true intentions & visions. Thank you ever so much for your generous heart & sharing this magical offering. It is deeply appreciated Hettienne. ❤

Dear Hettienne
The cards arrived today. Thank you so much. The cards and book are wonderful and they resonate deeply to me. I am thrilled with them, I knew I would be. The Marian energy is so strong in all the things that you create.
The gorgeous box and bag are so lovely, I am going to treasure them.

Hello! Received the package today!! What a Beautiful deck and package! The book is very informative and beautiful. I feel closer to Her because of you.

Good Morning, my dear Hettienne! I received my wonderful package. My daughter-in-law and myself were delighted as we unwrapped each intricate piece to get to the beloved card deck. You totally rocked my world with this lovely presentation. The book is simply divine. And even a rosary - I love saying rosary. Your divine creation has a permanent home in my heart. Thank you and I am sending you many blessings with love.