Monday, June 12, 2017

Mary, the Shepherdess rosary wrap

The Hierophant of the Mysteries
V Major Arcana traditionally the Pope or Teacher or Guru

Rose quartz,
snowflake obsidian,
 blue agate, 
baroque pearl, 
pink Indian opal, 
green quartz,
green zoisite,
green jasper,
grey pearls, 
vintage aluminium French holy medals, 
rhinestone crucifix and 
images from Hierophant of the Mysteries tarot card. 

Embodied love
Embodiment of love, compassion and custodian
of the Earth and all Her creatures

The union between the higher and lower hearts -
this is the message of the Hierophant of the Mysteries

'in the discarded, the superfluous, the seemingly unnecessary, lies
the Essence, calling forth the highest forms of Love'

Wear the energies of Mary, Shepherdess and Hierophant of the Mysteries
on your arm and in your energy field

A wonderful blend of inspiration and unconditional love
as contained in the rose quartz and the pink opals
grounded and earthed in the agate and quartz

extract from the guidebook of the Mysteries of Mary Tarot -

'In the ancient world temples and school existed where philosophy, art, mathematics, alchemy and other higher principles were studied.  These were known as the Mysteries and their teachings and rituals remained a secret.   Often these Mysteries were enactments of drama and myth but ultimately they contained the stories of life and the way in which we can interpret these stories to make sense of life and our idea of the divine. The ancient Mystery teaching in all societies and cultures have been cloaked in allegory and symbology so that each individual could receive from it that which he or she was capable of understanding.  Masters and initiates schooled in myths and tales learned to use the power of words and use tales that veiled the deeper mysteries, preventing them from being profaned and at the same time revealing the deeper meaning to those who were qualified to understand them.  Every major ceremony and sacrament had its corresponding tale which simultaneously veiled and revealed the mysteries to the community.

The veiled mysteries is said to have belonged to the Feminine although later claimed to belong to the masculine hierarchy. In the ancient mysteries, the Goddess represents the view that the source of all life begins in the feminine polarity of energy.  

In the Mother’s mysteries all the opposites are joined.  The duality of life are not only at opposite ends of a continuum, but are joined in a circle and both light and darkness remain in balance, in a sacred marriage.

In the Mysteries of Mary, the inner child undertakes the journey of the soul on the path of divine love and Mary in her aspect as shepherdess and protector of the vulnerable will hierophant the veils of the Mysteries.

The Hierophant is the High Priestess of the Mystery of life.  
She initiates the seeker into a new, deeper and more meaningful part of the journey towards the self. 

May all beings know Peace

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