Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Altar of the Blessed Heart of Mary

A sacred item :  
A hand made shadowbox to be worn as an altar.
 I took this very unusual vintage holy lace card of the Sacred Heart of Mary and placed it, 
along with a piece of vintage lace, between two pieces of glass
 Hand soldered with silver lead free solder.

Attached to the shrine at the top is an onyx cross 
and at the  bottom is a sterling silver hand cast sacred heart with a 
miniature sterling silver heart and swarovski beads as
 well as a very old blue plastic holy medal. 
The shrine is suspended from a double sided 
Madonna and Child/Sacred Heart of Jesus rosary connector.

The necklace is made of beautiful blue aurora borealis beads, 
cracked glass beads, red roses,  
swarovski crystals, vintage rondelle beads and czech fired crystals.

Each piece is unique and individual and an original. 

Every wearable altar, shrine and pendant carries the signature of the artisan (me)
 engraved on a sterling silver leaf, or on the back of a sterling silver hand cast icon,  
hanging on the necklace.

Each one of my pendants, shrines, paintings and other sacred art are
 first infused with holy water from Lourdes (which I brought back), 
and then infused with holy relic oil of more than 53 Saints & pure essential oils. 
A mixture of one hundred oils are used, including frankincense, 
myrrh, spikenard, agarwood and rose. 
It is also immersed in blessed pink dead sea salts, 
infused with rose petals steeped in holy oil of a third relic of St Therese of Lisieux 
and it is packaged with blessed salts, frankincense and 
sprinkled with holy water collected form many sacred places in the world. 
So it becomes a holy object to be handled with reverence and care.

All my items come beautifully packaged and securely wrapped 
and parceled. I mail first class international shipping with
 a tracking number free of charge to you. 

The rosary chain is 19 inches long and the shrine itself is 
2.8 inches by 1.2 inches (7 cm by 3 cm) plus tassel of 3.5 inches.

Now on sale

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nectar of the Heart

Nectar of the Heart

Last night as I was sleeping,

I dreamt — marvelous error! –

that I had a beehive

here inside my heart.

And the golden bees

were making white combs

and sweet honey

from my old failures.”
~ From “Last Night As I Was Sleeping,” by Antonio Machado

The bee has since ancient times been a symbol
of the goddess, the divine feminine, the Great Mother,
a symbol of Wisdom, and even the church.

In ancient times, the bees were regarded as sacred
and they were seen as travellers between the natural
world and the underworld.

Through a process of alchemy, bees
create honey, in ancient times,
regarded as the nectar of the gods.

The term milk and honey were used to describe
abundance and eden-like qualities to our lives.

The bees’ survival depends upon a queen and their unquestioning obedience 
and loyalty to her, which reminds 
us of our dependence on Our Lady, Queen of the Heart 

The beehive is a symbol for the heart :
the sacred inner temple where transformation
takes place and from which forgiveness and
compassion flows.